Midnight's Kill of the Day and Stew for Us

 Jon with the chicken leg
 Midnight Snacking 

Hawaii - Lava Tube

 The Entrance 
 Looking Outward
 Trail through the tubes.
 They open up to the surface every once and a while and you can see the sky and even climb up if you want to. I love different scenic varieties of trails they're all so beautiful in their own way. 


Hawaii - Kona - Kua Beach

this is my favorite beach i have been to...dreaming of it now, take me back please...

The adventure begins...Kealaola Organic Lettuce Farm :)

 Part of the Farm 
 Our Tent
 Beautiful Flower

Outdoor Shower

 Beautiful Sunsets 

The Warehouse
Kitchen & Hangout Area

hawaii - purple geco on my tent

Chai Tea

Freshly brewed Chai Tea by David who got the recipe while studying at a mediation center. It was delicious... recipe to come :)