a few from the morning

my beautiful orchid plant, from jon for our 4 year

my african violet is blooming again 

cherry & heirloom tomatoes harvested from my garden

harvest for the morning 

cherry tomatoes 

the tomato plants have reached jungle status & they keep climbing! 

animals were eating the pumpkins on the ground...solution grow them up the swing-set :)

pumpkin flower 

if you save the top of a pineapple you can re-root that top & it will begin to grow a new pineapple plant...it takes three years until you have a fruit ready to pick, but it's a fun process! for more details on how to do this yourself check out this page 

i found this interesting creature on my tomato plants & after looking it up i discovered it is a hornworm moth in caterpillar form with braconid wasp, also know as a parasitoid, (the white things all over it) using it as a host. the hornworm eats the tomato's and the parasitoid eats the hornworm...circle of life at work... i love learning all these new things as a result of having a garden.

* * *

have a great day everyone <3


  1. tomatoes on the window sill! awesome.
    you have a great eye for composition.
    nikonsniper steve