o how i want to go on a hot air balloon ride

i saw this hot hair balloon in the sky on my ride up to vermont this past weekend 
& o how i want to go on a hot air balloon ride! 
one day....
until then i'll admire them from the ground :)

baking with the apples from the orchard

1/2 of the Apple Haul 

Apple Cheddar Scones  
vis smitten kitchen recipe here

i ate a scone for breakfast with lemon curd & earl grey tea...yum.

*  *  *

Apple Granola Crisp 
via smitten kitchen recipe here
plus a few additions i made including: hemp seed & brown sugar to the crumble topping 

vermont - poultney - a weekend in the autumn

Whaleback Vineyard, Poultney VT 

the tasting was delicious. my two favorites were the apple variety & the rose which was unique & like nothing i had tasted before. also i got some home-brew supplies because i had no idea how easy it could be & i'm really looking forward to starting...so i'll keep you posted!

it's harvest time at the whaleback vineyard & some of jon's friends at green mountain college (where he goes to school) told him that you could help harvest grapes for $10 a bucket...so we decided to give it a try more for the experience than the money & it wasn't so bad except for the bees who loveee the grapes, but we didn't get stung :) plus it was a gorgeous day out 

beautiful wild flowers 

Champlain Orchard, Shoreham VT 
* best orchard i have ever been to 

over 50 apple varieties!
plus blueberries, cherries, peaches, plums, pears, raspberries & an organic section

cider alley :) the orchard makes its own hard apple cider too...yumm

roxbury russet: 
this is the oldest american apple, brought to roxbury MA, when the pilgrims arrived 

beautiful lake champlain, viewed from the top of the hill of the orchard 

found this sweater for jon at a thrift store for $2

autumn has definitely arrived in VT & i had a wonderful weekend enjoying the foliage & the crisp fall air, visiting jon, eating apples & apple cider donuts, & drinking hard cider :)

*  *  * 

hope everyone had a great weekend too!