autumn arrives in the morning

i love the way the sun illuminates the leaves.

cool bending/curved tree.

tiny maple leaves.

on the trail.

i love seeing trees like this, it looks as though they go on forever.

my favorite season has begun :)

 rock tower trail head markers...the one on the right was there & i built the one on the left.

i found a great place to lay down my blanket, eat some hiking snacks, and relax basking in the beautiful weather for awhile.

* * *

autumn is here :) & to bask in its beauty today i went hiking at the high mountain preserve in the town where i live. i decided to just explore and take turns i haven't made before to discover new things...& that i did to the point where after four hours i popped out onto the road in a different spot than i had left my car & had to get picked up :/ but it was a beautiful day with my favorite weather ( 76, party cloudy, sunny, with a cool breeze) so i didn't mind. also now that jon is up at school in vermont i have lost my hiking buddy...so i went hiking by myself for the first time. of course i miss jon & would rather have had him with me, but i did appreciate the alone time in nature. it was very peaceful. 

hope everyone had wonderful day! 

p.s. my heart is/was with all the families & friends who were affected by the event that occurred 11 years ago today 

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