heirloom tomatoes

first, let me just say that once you go heirloom that you are never going to want to go back! these tomatoes are sooo much tastier than conventional varieties & much more beautiful...just look at the array of incredible colors.

 it has been so fun tomato hunting lately because so many are ripening & i really look forward to seeing what colors each new one has. the three varieties pictures above (although each one has it's own unique color comb) are all certified organic johnny's select seeds.

the yellow tomatoes are: tomato great white
the large dark red one is: tomato, heirloom tall vine black prince 
the light pink & green ones are: tomato, heirloom tall vine rose...no longer sold on the website :( 
while i was looking for this last variety i came across this great link that provides a list of numerous heirloom varieties & describes their taste...i'll definitely be using this next year

my favorite of the bunch (although they are all yummy) would have to be....the yellow tomatoes because they have the least seeds & i have a little bit of seed fetish :/ just don't like the texture.

hope everyone is enjoying their weekend <3

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