new york - my first outdoor climbing experience

this past weekend i had my first outdoor rock climbing experience with jon. we went to buck mountain part of the adirondacks in new york & it was a lot of fun! we backpacked in about 4 miles from the inman pond trailhead & parking lot...the trail was very beautiful especially because of the fall foliage. we stayed two days & one night, the weather held up,...& i really love being in the woods away from it all where you can just relax, unwind, and enjoy the peacefulness of nature. climbing was great too, such an improvement from being indoors in a rock gym! i can't wait to plan more trips like this :)  


vermont - an evening hike

jon & i returned to the lewis dean nature preserve in poultney vt this past weekend to actually do the hike...because last weekend it began to rain shortly after we arrived. we followed the yellow trail up the mountain which, as indicated, is quite steep at parts, but very rewarding. 

at the start of the hike 

cool mushrooms jon found along the trail 

leaf covered trail

view from the top of lake st. catherine 

the beautiful colors of autumn 

a treat at the top of blueberry honey wine from champlain orchards 

the sun peaking thru 

master fire builder :) 

the cutest little fire...going the with the why use more than you need approach 
& this little guy kept both us nice and cozy warm

i love playing with the bulb setting on my dslr :)