nyc - christmas time in the city

hanging out at the bar before dinner 

part of my dinner at Natsumi: grilled salmon teriyaki with shitake mushrooms & avocado...we all shared everything, which is my favorite way to eat out at a restaurant because then you get to try so much :) i also recommend butterfly green tea ravioli: lobster shitake filling with lobster bisque sauce...such a cool combo

the silver & gold flags blowing the the wind were lovely 

a beautiful anthropologie window 

the Wicked stage before the show began 

beautiful full moon & if you look closely above the moon a little to the left yo can see a small bright speck, which is jupiter  

*  *  *

This past Thursday I went into the city with my mom, sister, and three aunts (one of whom was visiting from Montana). We went to Rockefeller Center to see the Christmas tree, ate at an amazing Japanese restaurant, Natsumi, & saw the Broadway play Wicked...which I have been dying to see since it came out! It was a beautiful night in the city & everything always looks so magical during the holidays. The restaurant was right across the street from the Gershwin Theater were Wicked is which was which was very convenient & the food was delicious *more detail above. Most importantly, I want to recommend that everyone see Wicked it was an incredible show filled with amazingly talented people, but what won me over the most was the story. Usually, at some point in most pieces of work i wish the story would have gone a different way & rarely am I completely satisfied, but Wicked was one of those rare pieces that I loved every bit. 

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