christmas eve

first of all i would just like to say that i am very envious of all the blogs i follow that blog so consistently...this has been the first time since christmas that i have had the time to sit down and blog, despite wanting to a lot earlier...i will try to be more current with my posts, instead of blogging a bunch of at once which i have become accustom to, but back to this post....

being half italian christmas eve is a bigger deal than christmas day in my family & it's a lot of chaos, but also a lot of fun :) we make our own homemade clazones (with a variety of different fillings) & also do the whole italian fish thing which includes a seafood salad as well as fried calamari, sepia, and shrimp,,,my whole moms side of the family comes to our house for christmas eve & above are a few glimpses of our night

1. our christmas tree 2. the "childrens" table 3.jon is really into breakfast stouts these days 4. food time :) 5. it   snowed! how perfect, was was soo excited, it really does make it feel more like christmas when there's snow  6. my snowy house 7. the boys built a snow man :) 8. snow man completed 9. jon & i

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