new york - minnewaska state park - frozen awosting falls

the lighting was incredible as the sun rose through the trees 

i love icicles <3

the frozen awosting falls (before)

how incredible!

& after 

This Saturday morning i woke up bright & early (5:30 am) to drive up to minnewaska state park in ny with a friend from work to see the frozen awosting falls. once temperatures are consistently below a certain temperature the falls begin to freeze. it is incredibly beautiful to see. we got VERY lucky with our timing in going to visit the falls because the majority of the waterfall was frozen & then right as we were about to leave the whole thing collapsed! i really believe it was a once in a lifetime majestic moment of nature i got to experience & it amazes me how life falls into place like this. you can see the before & after pictures above, plus more photos from minnewaska state park. i can't wait to go up here again, there is so much more to explore. 

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