the dream of a tiny home

 i'm in love with this window! what a wonderful place to fall asleep with a perfect view of the sky. 

*   *   *

 fireplace is in both the living ares & master bedroom swoon + the pegged structure to the left of the fireplace is a ladder! how fun :)

when i first discovered the concept of a tiny home i fell in love & i have been dreaming ever since. the two homes in the pictures above are currently my favorites...the first home pictured can be found here & there second here. i want to have a a good size piece of land (ideally between 50 & 200 acres) with animals, a garden that can feed a family, maple trees, a water source, and who knows what else eventually :). this dream comes from the desire to want to live minimally, self-sufficiently, be in nature, and have a peaceful lifestyle (according to me, i know not everyone shares these mentalities). i have already began to research & plan for these dreams & i hope to one day blog about them becoming a reality.
what is your dream home/future scenario? 

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