a typical sunday in spring

one of my garden plots filled with:
blue curled scotch kale, red russian kale, malaysian dark red eggplant, japanese pickling eggplant, zucchini black beauty, albino bullnose peppers, corno di toro giallo peppers, thai yellow chilli peppers, melrose peppers, atomic red carrots, baby bok choy, calima bush green beans, garlic, potatoes, & clover as a cover crop *all from baker creek heirloom seeds 


purple wildflower 




cherry blossom, so beautiful!
can't get enough of this tree...hence all the pictures :) 

yellow daisy 

dogwood tree in the foreground

*   *   *

I spent the majority of sunday gardening & spending time outside. I got a lot done & finally feel caught up :) This season I decided to purchase all my seeds from baker creek heirloom seed company, as I mentioned in an earlier post, but I wanted to go into a little more detail. Below are all the seeds I ordered. This year for my garden I decided to have two beds because last year the one plot really became a jungle (see here) & I wanted more room to expand as well as have more things. What I will have in bed 1 is listed under the first picture of this post & as for bed 2 I am using the existing swing set on my property. I have removed all the swinging items prepped the area below & will plant tomatoes (san marzano, ananas noire, white tomesol, principe borghese, & delicious) there which I will tie up to the monkey bars once they get big for support. below the tomatoes will be european mesclun salad mix, red romaine, & clover. By the ladder to get up the monkey bars there is Thai white seeded long beans. Below the fort area are telegraph cucumbers & boston pickling cucumbers. Finally, by the rope lattice there are sugar snap peas. I will document this more as things begin to grow so you can get more a visual.
I also planted nasturtium & wild flowers in another flower bed in the yard.
On the deck in pots there is: arugula, basil, cilantro, & parsley.
I'd love to hear about other peoples gardens as well, so feel free to share!

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