the beginning of spring

my succulent has began to grow a flower 

heirloom seeds for my garden this year from rareseeds baker creek heirloom seeds 

starting tomato, eggplant, and pepper seedlings indoors 

1st attempt at naturally dying ester eegs with my sister 

easter selfie  

i love african violets  

easter table 

easter outfit 

neighborhood red tail hawk in my backyard 

i've been having one large salad every day, it gives me so much energy & makes me feel really good 
this one has: organic field green lettuce mix, candied walnuts, cranberries, portobello mushroom, organic beets, goat cheese, tzatziki & homemade dressing  

love the colors nature produce 

i'm mesmerized by what happens when the sun light shines through a water glass, so beautiful

seedlings sprouting! 

hiking with the puppy & my sister at harriman state park in ny 

i climbed a rock :)

beautiful view for miles 


my first batch of home brew kombucha 

my african violet blooming 


  1. Just stumbled upon your page while doing a little blog surfing...you've got some really beautiful photos on here!