new york city - bare burger & chelsea market

So I use to be a vegetarian for eight years, but after learning more as I grew about the food system through my education  I decided to only eat meat that was grass fed, organic, & had no hormones & no antibiotics. I also decided to eat meat not as a frequent item in my meals, but as a treat (like we used to eat it way back when) a handful of times a month. Having these restrictions it is often hard to find restaurants that have items on the menu that meet this criteria. That is why when my boyfriend, Jon, discovered this restaurant in the city it was very exciting...becuase burgers are one of the things i'll crave when I crave meat. Bareburger has multiple locations in nyc and serves up organic grass fed burgers, salads, fries, shakes ect...they also have organic beers on tap & source locally as much as possible. I loved this place & can't wait to go back!

the majority of the design elements in the restaurant are from reclaimed & re-used materials 

eco-friendly bathroom + a selfie 

the fries & organic dipping sauces 

my burger <3 
i miss it now just looking at it sooo delicious 

We also went to Chelsea Market while in the city, it was my first time there & it was great :) 

too full from the burger, but looked soo good 

this place was really cool they had infused oil, vinegar, & different flavored salt 

more organic options! i love this about nyc 

this reminded me of harry potter :)

loose leaf teas & spices 

loved these lights 

*   *   * 

hope everyone had a wonderful weekend <3

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