Over the past couple of days I have been doing a lot of reflecting & looking inward to gain more insight & a better understanding about myself. I've been listening to myself more, something that I easily forget to do if I don't remind myself, but is really so important. One of the realizations I've come to is a direction I want to take this blog in. So far it has been mostly just pictures of my life. I love to take pictures & that aspect will not be lost, but I am going to begin to focus more on the lifestyle I lead in more depth. One of those categories will be nutrition, a great passion of mine & something I am currently studying, & the following is some more "insight" into just that...

I have recently decided that I am am going to define my diet as Flexitarian, which is a new term I have just learned about through the nutrition school I am attending (Integrative Institute of Nutrition...I'm going to do a post soon that elaborates upon the program, I love it!). The main idea behind the Flexitarian diet is that you eat a primarily vegetarian/vegan diet, but you allow your self to be flexible on occasion & eat items like meat, dairy, & other items you usually avoid. I like this model because there is less pressure, you can have something if you are having a craving or out for a special occasion with out feeling guilty. Plus, I don't think I could live with never having cheese again & a few times a year, especially in the summer, I really crave burgers. Of course, when I do diverge from my normal eating habits I will still choose organic, local & GMO (genetically modified organism) free food which a lifestyle decision I made two years ago since learning about our food system from the Environmental Studies & Sustainable Agriculture courses I took in college. 

Here are a few helpful & informative images I've found that relate to the diet I follow.
You can find some more stuff  I've gathered about healthy living here for now, but 
I will be elaborating about more stuff on the blog soon.

If you don't know what GMO's are....

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