new york - rhinebeck - country living fair

my aunt got me a subscription to country living magazine this year, that's how we discovered the fair & i am so glad we went it was a beautiful day & there were so many lovely things to see 

pure mountain olive oils & vinegar
they were sampling strawberries with balsamic glaze, it was delicious

beautiful vintage boots 

vintage clothing in an airstream...i'm so in love with the silver airstreams' it would be awesome to have one in the future 

stash style - vintage digs 

i love these mason jar lights, so clever & cute!

pretty flags 

century farmhouse soap products are entirely crafted in the US plus their soaps are now created in their own Studio in Wisconsin using fine vegetable oils, filtered rainwater, organic teas, maple sap, & snow.  The soaps are scented only with natural essential oils – and they know where they come from.  Farmers & growers from around the US, Canada, and the UK provide the company with organically grown ingredients that add to the uniqueness of our lovely products.

beehive kitchenwear co.
I was so excited to see this company at the fair, I first discovered them five years ago & I fell in love. Besides all their items being exquisitely beautiful & handcrafted the company is also conscious about their environmental impact: "we only use recycled paper in our office and recycle all our paper, junk mail, and cardboard (no small feat!). Our packing peanuts are made from bio-degradable material. Our products come in boxes that are made from recycled, unbleached paper, and are most often nestled in a natural, compostable material. There is very little in the manufacture of our products that creates waste: any reject castings get re-melted, and we recycle every bit of our scrap metals. And of course all of our pewter is lead–free, without any electroplating, to protect the health our water. We are proud to be a US based company working with local and national suppliers for our metal, cardboard, and paper packaging to create our products. This reduces the carbon footprint of each product as well as insures that the highest environmental standards are met."

I'd love to have this ceramic & wood honey pot.

I love these (pewter free) baby spoons & have already given 3 for newborn gifts...p.s. on the back of each spoon is the bottom side or the animal, so adorable!

beautiful detail 

beautiful, colorful piece of furniture

Living Edge Designs is based in the beautiful Hudson Valley town of Rhinebeck NY. All work features the craftsmanship of Todd Young, a local resident, cabinet maker, musician and wood artisan. I have a weak spot for wood plus all this wood is reclaimed! I have a weak spot for wood.

hello! (mirror selfies, a theme of the day)

this mirror was really incredible, completely salvaged the artist worked around & preserved a decaying part of a tree  

adorable mini greenhouse 

i love colorful glasses like this...kindda bummed i didn't get one 

this fair would have been a very dangerous place for me (in terms of spending money) if i had a home of my own to decorate 

spinning wool, i'd love to learn how to do this one day 

beautiful blankets 

what i'm wearing
 romper: free people
cropped top hoodie: free people 
sandles: rainbows (my favorite sandles)

birdhouse mansion 

i really love the colors of these mirrors 

A Picnic To Go was born on Valentine’s Day 2012, & has everything you need for the perfect picnic: from an interactive explore the Hudson Valley map to beautiful linens, bio-degradable utensils, candles, ect...  in any season, for any reason, a picnic is a great way to make memories that last a lifetime. Plus the creator of this company is a graduate of the Integrative of Institute of Nutrition, the school I am now attending & love!

Moreland Creations Fairy Gardens a.k.a. fairy garden supplies...adorable 

would love one of these benches

"The Seed Library grew out of a germ of an idea at a small town library in the Hudson Valley region of upstate New York. Over the past nine years, the idea has grown and blossomed into an online seed library focused on the Northeast and a full seed catalog for all gardeners. Today, the Seed Library has its own seed farm where open-pollinated seeds are grown, saved, and packed by hand. There are close to one thousand seed library members and thousands more buy our unique Art Packs and heirloom seeds every year. Seed Library gardeners can feel good about their seeds because we care as much as you do about preserving genetic diversity and saving seed stories."

we picked up two heirloom tomato plants from the hudson valley seed library (because i didn't have the best luck starting mine from seed this year) 

Artist Series Seed Packets, I love these designs, especially the rainbow chard. Here is the story behind them:
"In our eyes, artists are cultural seed savers, selecting which kernels of beauty, color, and form to keep alive and pass on to future generations. Inspired by pre-photography antique seed catalogs, every year we commission contemporary artists to interpret a distinctive selection of the heirloom varieties in our seed catalog.  Artists range from the undiscovered to the up-and-coming to the world-renowned. Mediums include oil painting, paper, collage, encaustic, colored pencil, printmaking, ceramics, sculpture, embroidery and more. Each work of art becomes a unique seed pack. The artwork celebrates the beauty, diversity, and cultural importance of the heirloom seeds held within each pack. The original works form a travelling exhibit called Art of the Heirloom."

rockerbox garlic aims to educate people about the virtues of using pure garlic powder.  Most people use mass-produced garlic powder that contains fillers, chemicals, and is made from lesser-quality garlic from mega-farms in China.  Their garlic powder is 100% pure - it has no fillers, no preservatives, no additives whatsoever & the creator uses only fresh US-grown heirloom varieties of garlic and onions, and use a slow low-heat dehydration process to preserve their natural flavors. They were delicious & you can really taste the difference. p.s. the creator, rae, did all the graphic design herself which makes the cool artwork even more awesome

my organic grass fed burger with organic cheese (the only kind of burger i'll eat, a handful of times a year...mostly in the summer)

some of the biggest umbrellas i've ever seen

fell in love with this chair just a little :) 

.....if i had a home to decorate 

tiny wooden owls 

vintage bike 

see the nj table :) + there's a texas one behind it 

mini trailer 

a picnic to go gave a way these free bags, very exciting 

my one purchase of the day...i fell in love with the vintage sterling silver ring from the 40's immediately 
the detail is so unique, plus i have a weakness for turquoise...this ring makes me very happy :)

*   *   *

hope everyone has a wonderful weekend