meal - barbeque pulled chicken on homemade brioche buns

the other day jon decided to make bbq pulled chicken
he plopped a whole organic chicken into a crock-pot with a jar of organic bbq sauce & some organic micro-brewed root beer in the morning & it cooked all day 
when i got home from work we realized that we had forgotten to buy buns, so i went to one of my go-to food blogs smitten kitchen & found a light brioche burger bun recipe 
i haven't made homemade bread in a long time & i was a little intimidated at first, but once i got into it i found the whole process very rewarding...plus i deiced to use my hands for almost the whole process & kneading the dough was a lot of fun 
the buns turned out great (despite rushing the rise times because we were hungry) i look forward to trying the recipe again when i have more time & am definitely going to incorporate more bread making into my life
once the chicken was done jon pulled it apart taking off all the yummy pieces 
then we added some organic lettuce & cheese plus drizzled the extra juice from the crock-pot on top & ate 
it was delicious :) 

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