vermont - hiking up & camping on top pico peak

during my last visit up to vermont to see jon we wanted to hike & camp somewhere in vermont along the appalachian trail, he wanted to go to one of the trail heads near killington, so we just set off with no specific destination in mind. we ended up in the green mountain national forest along the sherburne pass loop & it was beautiful. a lot of climbing because we went all the way the sumit of the mountain which is 3,967 ft, but i've grown to love going on hikes that involve elevation because the more i do the easier it gets which is very rewarding...plus the views are the best :) the photos below document our adventure, enjoy!

where we began 

i love the way the sun shines through a forest at lights up certain areas acting as a spotlight 

love exposed roots like this 


the green mountain state...which i've fallen in love with

i have an internal frame pack (more form fitting) & jon has a more old school external frame pack (framework on the outside) both have their advantages & disadvantages so if you are looking for a pack i recommend going & trying them on so you can see which works best for you...here is an article that provides a little more detail 

neighboring killington mountain in the distance 

i love the way the sun shines through the clouds lighting up certain areas in the distance 

we found an awesome lookout spot at the top of the mountain where we set up camp 

we arrived at the top hours before the sunset, but it was so to just sit with jon & talk while we soaked in the sun & enjoyed the endless views 

the fire builder :) 

soaking in the sun...it was so relaxing

i would love to do this & be somewhere like this everyday 

there is no specific place to camp where we ended up so jon found a cove like spot in the trees where the tent fit 

the beginning of the sunset 

we were originally going to stay two nights, but the next morning it was overcast & there was rain in the forecast so we decided to head back  

the inside of the top of this chair lift was open so we climbed up to explore :)

excited for snowboarding season already :) 

the beginning of the trail...i love the hiking culture & how fellow hikers leave hiking sticks for others once they are done 

*   *   *

after we got back to the car we drove to woodstock vt to explore the town for the day...post to come 

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