vermont - a wekkend to celebrate five years together

I'm always so mesmerized by clouds, they are so beautiful & i love this time of day when they are illuminated by the sun. 

There was a storm passing by one night while i was in Vermont, so Jon & I went out in the street & watched the purple lightning roll though the clouds & streak down. it was heat lightning & these are courtesy of Jon, I'm very impressed how he was able to capture the magic of the lightning so well.

On the eve of our five year anniversary together Jon & I checked into the Amee Farm Lodge Bed & Breakfast in Pittsfield VT. It was a perfect place to get away, experience a change of scenery, & relax together. After arriving & getting settled we decided to take nap which was lovely & refreshing. Then we explored the town which is quaint & beautiful surrounded by rolling green mountains.  

Our room. For dinner we set up a blanket on the floor & enjoyed a picnic in our room with: VT Blue Ledge Farm Blue Goat Cheese ( which we have had before & is a favorite of ours) with a local artisan baguette, apples, salsa & chips, & dark chocolate...it was perfect & later we watched a movie together in bed.

Post nap mirror pictures :) 

Look at all that wood! The owner of the Lodge is also the creator of the Death Race (an extreme body & mind challenging obstacle race) & we learned that one of the tasks for a past race was for the competitors to chop all this wood :0 


I never tire of the views Vermont has to offer.

we both loved this stone slab stairway & i love the perspective Jon has when he takes pictures of me :)

crazy cool bug...such long antennas 

Amee Farm Lodge 

The left side of the structure is an old farm house that was moved to this new location from somewhere else in town & the right side is brand new.


Beautiful porch, we had breakfast out here in the morning & saw a hummingbird feeding from one of the hanging baskets 

community area 

Some more of the rooms at the lodge, i love the way they decorated & how they incorporated so many natural elements 

our bathroom, the shower was amazing 

The next morning it was raining, we had a leisurely morning, enjoyed the complimentary breakfast & then headed off to Woodstock, VT again where we had dinner reservation later that night & planned to spend the day.

beautiful dog 

Woodstock is home to Vermont's only National Park the Marsh Billings Rockefeller National Historic Park we love it here & we spent a chuck of the day walking around relaxing & enjoying the day...which turned out to be quite nice.

Wild mushrooms we discovered, we thought they were chicken of the woods, but weren't positive so didn't take the chance...now we both want to learn more about forging wild mushrooms.

i love him

Beautiful wildflower garden.

So nice to see so many bees.

The Ottauquechee River


I got organic sesame crusted salmon with local green beans & asian noodles...it was amazing :)

We got to enjoy the sunset behind the mountains on our drive home.

I am so grateful to have found Jon, he is my other half, my best friend, & I love him beyond words. The past five years with him have been an adventure. We have grown so much & been through so much together & I wouldn't want anyone else by my side. I look forward to creating a lifetime of memories with you in the future :) 


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