live in the sunshine, swim in the sea, drink the wild air - ralph waldo emerson

 It has been awhile since I have spent time by the ocean & by doing so I have re-discovered my love for this place. 

I love... 

How when I look at the ocean it  makes me feel small, which to me puts things in perspective. We are after all specs in a vast universe & I believe that is important to remember as we go about our lives.

Running on the beach. I have never been a runner because there has never been anywhere that I actually enjoying running. The pavement is harsh & so unnatural to me, all the trails around where I live are rocky which does not mesh well with my body, but the running on the beach is bliss. I love looking a head & being able to see for what seems like forever, listening to the waves crash next to me, the breeze of the ocean, and the soft yet hard sand close to the water which allows me to run barefoot. Also after running when I am all sweaty & hot I have a refreshing ocean to jump right into. To me it's just perfect.

How the salt water does wonders for my skin & hair :)

Reading, soaking in Vitamin D, & feeling the sand between my toes.

Strolls of the beach in the early morning & at dusk.

Watching the sun rise from the horizon.

Doing various yoga poses as the waves rise up gently washing over me...this also gave me the though of how cool it would be to become a yoga instructor & teach classes on the beach, who else wouldn't love doing yoga here? :)

Mediating & thinking on the beach, my mind feels so at ease here.

The fresh seafood.

The water sport possibilities...I would love to have a stand up paddle board & kayak.

I'm sure more things will come to me & that I have left things out, but this is my list for now.
Do you have any thing you love about the ocean/beach?

One day I just sat by myself looking out, thinking, my mind wandering & I felt so inspired. So inspired that I wrote this poem to capture how I felt & what I had discovered.

waves crashing on the shore
calling us to something more
the vastness of the sea
stirs us to be more than we can see
beyond the horizon something calls
a path that we have yet to solve

Also, I though of this metaphor.

At the shore waves crash in which could represent people, events, moments ect.. crashing into one another
& as you venture further out, beyond what is right in front of us there is a clam, a settling.


I now have this strong desire to live near the ocean, I believe I would thrive there. A dream location would include: seasons...I grew up with them & could never give them up, plus autumn is my favorite & I need to see those leaves change colors :), I also want be able to grow food, & remain on the east coast so to not be too far away from family. I'm thinking somewhere in New England or Maine (is Maine included in New England? I don't know). This revelation could not have come at a better time because it just so happens that in two weeks Jon & I are venturing from Vermont east to the sea & driving along the coast stopping at various places along the way all the way up to Maine...not sure yet how far up Maine, but at least to Acadia National Park. I'll make sure to take lot's of pictures & take notes of places one must go if they make a similar trip. Maybe when we return we will have a dream town in mind where we wish to live in the near future. 

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