Maine - Bates-Morse Mountain Conservation Area Hike to Seawall Beach

While Couchsurfing in Phippsburg Maine our host Dave mentioned the Bates-Morse Mountain Conservation area which is comprised of 600+ acres of preserved land. Here are directions to the parking area where there is a volunteer who provides information & maps about the land as well as trails. From the parking area you can hike in about two miles to Seawall Beach. It is a leisurely hike along a gravel road & winds through marsh land, forests, and a vista that looks out towards the beach. The road is gravel because there are a handful of cottages throughout the conservation area that you can rent, they are lovely...you can see them here. It was a wonderful way to spend half of our day.

One of the cottages was equip with a wind turbine, it was awesome.

On top of Morse Mountain, Seawall Beach in the distance to the left. I love the swirl patterns the canals make that connect the marsh lands to the sea. 

Incredible Beach! Expansive sandy shores, peaceful, privacy, & beautiful views. 

 I love how the sand sparkles.

Hot from the hike in we decided to go swimming...which turned in to jumping in, diving under, & running out. I learned on this trip to Maine that the water is always cold & I am quite particular about the temperature of the water I will go into. This was the only time we went in to the icy Atlantic, but I'm really glad we did. After we got out of the water we sat in the sun to warm up & ate lunch before heading back. It was a wonderful day :) 

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