Maine - Camping

Destination 1
Stadig Campground, Wells ME. 

It was a lovely campground & our site in particular was was one of the bests, we lucked out despite having booked so late. It backed up to the woods, our neighbors were spread out from us, & we were close to the bathrooms, but not too close. The picture below is of the view we got when we woke up in the tent in the morning...I love waking up to views like this.

* Destination 2
was CouchSurfing... post here 

Destination 3
Lamoine State Park
We stayed here for one night. The park is located along the water right across the way from the mountains of Acadia National Park, it was beautiful. 

We arrived when it was dark, built a fire, cooked a late meal, set up the smaller of our tents, & called it a night.

We woke up to a beautiful morning. Plus this campground had excellent bathrooms equip with free showers...which is rare & a lovely treat. It felt nice to get all clean :) Afterwards we packed up & headed to Bar Harbor.

Destination 4 
Blackwoods Campground, Acadia National Park 
We stayed here for the duration of our first visit to Acadia a few years ago, it was my first real camping experience & I loved it. The campgrounds are beautiful, secluded, well maintained, have updated bathrooms, & access to numerous trails in the park. I definitely recommend staying here if you enjoy camping & are visiting Acadia...just make sure you make reservations in advanced for this one. 

Our campsite (A100)
 We stayed here for three days & set up the larger of our tents (gear post to come soon).

Once again we lucked out & had a site secluded on one side.

work + dinner one evening 

breakfast...all organic 
his (above)- potato, onion, garlic & santa fe style chicken soup over the fire 
hers (below)- sunflower butter, nutella, granola, raisins, apple sauce 

*We went grocery shopping at Whole Foods before the trip & bought half of our food. The rest we picked up along the way at co-ops or natural food markets & occasionally stopped to eat at some cafes, bakeries, & restaurants...post to come about more detailed info as to where else we ate & got food from.

I love the way it looks when the sun shines through the trees & illuminates certain spots.

braids, perfect for dirty hair :)

There was one trail in particular, that was very close to our campsite, that we we went to which led right to the coast, it was beautiful. 

I <3 Camping 

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