Maine - Couch Surfing & An Authentic Maine Lobster Bake on Hermit Island - Part 1

Jon & I had our first Couchsurfing experience during our vacation in Maine. We stayed with Dave who lives in a solar cabin on 30+ acres across the street from the ocean. The cabin has no running water, all the water is collected via rain barrels & the only shower is an outdoor one. There is a composing toilet inside & solar energy powers what little needs electricity.  I can not say enough nice things about the experience. He was very hospitable; touring us around the town & showing us all the things he recommended we check out. No matter how much you plan for a vacation there is information locals know that is invaluable & often the best. Upon arriving we spent the night talking inside under kerosene lanterns with a bottle of wine & he told us about all his adventures (he is an  avid traveler) as well as all the Couchsurfers he has hosted...which is a lot. He invited us to a Lobster Bake his friend was having the next day & we we're so excited to get to experience something so authentic while visiting Maine .

We slept in this room...I'm in love with the window. It was so nice waking up here.

Dave is also an avid sailor, this is his boat. He would have taken us out, but he was recovering from a a bad fall. 

Location: Hermit Island (Campground....the host of the lobster bakes family owns the grounds)
Lobster Bake Set-Up 
A hole is dug in the ground which serves as the "oven" in which the food is baked.

A fire is built with stones placed in the center. Enough wood is collected to keep the fire going for hours to ensure that the stones, whose heat will bake everything in the pit,  get really hot 

This all took place right next to the ocean, it was a lovely setting.

A house in the distance, equip with solar panels...It would be so nice to have a home like this on the water. 

Collecting seaweed for the lobster bake, which helps create steam as well as adds flavor.


Fresh Local Corn


Everyone who attended the Lobster Bake brought a little something, just like a pot luck.

I had the pleasure of meeting Jennifer, a fellow blogger, from Ripe Red Berries at the Lobster Bake. She made this delicious fresh corn, basil, and tomato tart...you can find the recipe here on her blog.

Time to transfer the stones to the pit.

The hot stones go on the bottom & are then topped with seaweed. Next the lobsters & corn are added in.

Last minute addition of some muscles & Jon checking out the operation.

Once everything is in the pit is covered with tarps & sand. Everything bakes like this for hours. While we waited we walked on the beach, enjoyed the sunset, & mingled. *More pictures of this to come in the next post* 

Time to Eat!

Delicious :) 

The night ended with live music in the form of a jam session, it was perfect.

*   *   *

We would never have had this experience had we not decided to Couchsurf, nor would we have gotten to meet all the people we did. I am very grateful for the experience & we will definitely be Couchsurfing again in the future. 

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