New York - Fire Island

This past week my grandparents were visiting from California & were staying at my Aunt & Uncle's house on Fire Island in New York, so we ventured out for a couple days to visit. I am in love with my families house. It is so peaceful, beautifully decorated & just a really lovely place to get away to. 

The room I stayed in 

The other guest room. 

My Aunt painted this, isn't it beautiful :) She is very artsy, a lot of items around the house are of her creation.

My Uncle on the other hand is very handy with wood. He created this unit above from salvaged wood he collected in his workshop which is set up below the house. A lot of the furniture pieces around the house are of his creation.

First vacation for the puppy!

The upstairs which includes: master bed & bath, porch, kitchen, & living area. If I ever have a beach house this is the feel I'd wish to capture.  

Doing some homework one morning with beautiful views of he ocean.

Love all the windows & natural light. 

Porch....Here my Uncle built the bench covered with pillows & tables.

Views from the deck.

I feel like we got the perfect last days of summer while we where here. It was beautiful on the beach, I even went swimming!

I was surprised how blue & tropical the water was right in New York.

This was also Meka's first beach experience...she loved it & it was an optimal place for her to dig holes, which she loves to do. 

It was adorable.

Another one of my favorite parts about Fire Island is that there are no cars, except a handful of emergency vehicles & bikes are the main source of transportation around. The result is a slower pace of life which is also healthier. 

*One more Fire Island post to come about an adventure Meka & I went on to the Sunken Forest.

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