New Hampshire - Portsmouth - Flatbread Company

Flatbread Company All Natural Pizza 
The company has many locations, all of which you can see when you click on the link above, & if you are ever near one you should definitely stop by to eat. Flatbread Company specializes in fire baked pizzas and they pride themselves on serving real food, by real people, in a real environment...which is exactly what you get, 

I loved the vibe inside the restaurant, it was eclectic, homey, & full of natural elements.  

We sat in this cool seating area equip with reclaimed wood couches & adirondack chair loungers...it felt so cozy, like we were eating at home. 

The oven where all the pizzas are baked. It was nice to be able to watch the process.

At each of the Flatbread Company locations they work with local growers to source as much of their ingredients locally & organically.

How awesome is this bar!!

Philosophy, I love it.

Jon & I split their Punctuated Equilibrium Flatbread which has: Kalamata olives, fresh organic rosemary, organic red onions, Heart Song Farm goat cheese, fire-roasted sweet red peppers, premium whole milk mozzarella and imported parmesan cheese with homemade garlic oil and our own blend of organic herbs...plus we added mushrooms. It was sooo delicious, I wish I had another one in front of me right now.
*Check out the Portsmouth location menu here.

After eating, before we headed to our campsite location for the night, we walked around & explored the town of Portsmouth a little. It is a lovely town filled with shops & what looked like a lot more yummy places to eat. Portsmouth borders the water & when you look out you can see the bridge that takes you into Maine... definitely worth stopping here if you are nearby. 

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