maine - sunset, the moon, & the stars

One evening we decided to go on a drive to find an awesome place to watch the sunset. Originally, we had another destination in mind, but one thing led to another & we ended up too far from the destination as the sun began to dip. So, we continued to drive along & we ended up finding this beautiful place along the road (see below)...plus saw some other beautiful spots along the way.

The prettiest ship I've ever seen

This is the place we watched the sunset, we were able to pull over right on the side of the road & as we watched the sun fall below the horizon more cars pulled over & joined us.

Then we saw the moon become more & more illuminated. I love when it is pink like this because the colors of the sunset reflect upon it.

It was a beautiful evening & we wanted to continue to enjoy the night sky so we went along Park Loop Road in Acadia National Park & parked across from Thunder Hole. We brought blankets out of the car & set up along the rocks overlooking the ocean & the moon. We stayed hear for a good two hours & it was perfect :)

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