vermont - manchester - depot 62

After hiking the other day we were debating what to do, and were pretty hungry, when Jon mentioned he had heard that Manchester VT, which we were already half way to, was a cool town., so we decided to adventure a little further. By the time we got there it was already dark out, but you could still tell that this was a town worth visiting. We drove around for a while to look around then went to check out the menus at a few places that looked cool, but they didn't end up having any organic or local options. I was about to pull over & look for something on my phone when the organic brick oven pizza sign for depot 62 caught my eye. This was very exciting because Jon & I have been craving pizza so we pulled over & ventured in. This was not your typical restaurant from the beginning, we were confused for a minute if we had the right building because as we looked through the glass panes we saw what looked more like an awesome eclectic home furnishing store, but then we saw the beautiful floor the ceiling brick oven against the far wall. The owner, who was so sweet, is Turkish & his vision for this place is truly authentic. There is one royal size table  with all different awesome chairs where three separate parties sat (I really liked this concept of strangers dining so close together)  as well as four other more private tables. We sat down ordered & then got up to explore the store, it was such a fun thing to do while we waited & there were so many beautiful & original pieces. One day when I have a home of my own to decorate I'd love to come back here. Below you'll see what we ate, everything was delicious & organic, & some of the items from the store. My camera was still dead so I didn't get to capture all the beautiful things the way I had hoped...just an excuse to go back I guess :) 
If you are ever in the area definitely check this place out, you won't be disappointed. 

The royal table...you can't even tell how long it is here & aren't the chairs awesome!

the two pictures above are not my own, they can be found here 

A little out of order, but we got the baklava for dessert which was soo yummy & it came in two pieces which was perfect so we each got one.

Jon & I both got the mushroom & caramelized onion pizzas...they were incredible.

Latte :) 

This circular table was so cool, it expanded in such an innovative way to accommodate more people 

So many beautiful tapestry rugs in all different colors throughout the store.