reoccurring thoughts

Things I Keep In Mind Everyday...


Your Thoughts Are Everything, They Create Your World 

Stand Tall 

Focus On Your Core Throughout the Day, Engage It, Feel Strong From Within 



Practice Healthy Living
(food, lifestyle choices, exercise)

Projecting My Future...

I hike a lot, usually 3 times a week, & am fortunate to have beautiful trails 2 minutes from my house. As I walk in the woods I am humbled by the beauty of nature & how much it makes me feel at peace. On a recent hike, during which autumn is in all it's glory, I sat down & as I looked around the thought in my mind that rang out above the rest was my desire to live in the woods...

To Have Land, With A Water Source 
To Live Sustainably 
To Live In Harmony With the Environment 
To Be Self Sufficient 

I discovered this print recently, which I think is very fitting for what I just described above.


A Strong Desire to Travel 

*   *   *

Have A Wonderful Sunday 

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