meal - red curry

*i used all organic 

Basmati Rice - make how ever much you like, I always make extra because rice is good to have around
Coconut Milk - I used 1 can, but plan on using two next time because I like my curry to be soup like
Red Curry Paste - to taste, I used about 3 tablespoons

*With all the vegetables below you can add to your own liking
Red Pepper
Green Pepper
Yellow Onion


- Cook the rice
- Chop all the vegetables into bite sized pieces
- Spoon some coconut oil into a wok & begin to saute the onions
- Once the onions begin to get golden add the carrots
- Once the carrots begin to soften add the remaining vegetables & cook as long as desired (I like my vegetables to be on the harder side so I don't cook them for too long)
-  Next add the coconut milk, stir, & add the curry paste
- Once everything has blended together the curry is ready to serve, spoon it over rice & enjoy!


a delicious pumpkin

This is a cheese pumpkin. I got it from my favorite organic farmer at the local farmers market. It was highly recommended for baking & cooking with, plus it was quite beautiful. It stayed as a decoration in my room for a little, but when I went up to Vermont I brought it along knowing Jon & I would make things with it. We roasted it in the oven, peeled off all the skin, & then pureed it. This pumpkin is wonderfully sweet & it went a long way. Jon & I made pumpkin pie & pumpkin crumb coffee cake one night. We each focused on one & it was a lot of fun to be in the kitchen baking together. Upon finishing we still had a good amount of pumpkin left so Jon kept some & I filled two mason jars with the puree & brought it home. Since I have also made pumpkin oatmeal cookies & I plan to make a pumpkin pie of my own (because Jon made the one in VT). What a good investment this pumpkin was though & I don't think I'll be able to go back to canned pumpkin again because I could really tell the difference. I can't wait to get another pumpkin at the farmers market this weekend :) 
*Recipe posts to come about what we baked*

Jon's apartment has a porch, which I am in love with. 

In the kitchen


vermont - poultney - journey to a slate quarry

One day while I was up in Vermont Jon & I had been inside for a good part of the day doing work, but the weather was just too nice to not go outside. So we jumped in the car with no particular destination in mind & went out of town a way we've never been before. On our journey we ended up at a slate quarry. Poultney lies in a slate belt, where slate roofing, tiles, and building blocks are mined and milled. It was pretty incredible to see all the slate & such a big part of the earth carved out...it made us feel quite small. The quarry also had beautiful vistas of the rolling green/yellow/orange/red mountains of Vermont. It was a wonderful unexpected addition to our day. 


meal - an impromptu breakfast hash

*we used all organic 

Jasmine Rice
Roasted Red Pepper & Tomato Soup - we used this one 
Tabasco Sauce - to taste
Salt & Pepper - to taste 

2 portobello mushrooms 
1 red onion 
1 yellow onion 
a handful of potatoes of choice 
1-2 red peppers 
garlic - we love garlic so I used a whole clove 
1 pear 
Salt & Pepper - to taste 
a splash of 100% real maple syrup - we used grade , this is something you can add to taste as well
a splash of sweet white wine
oil - olive oil or coconut oil  
*the 5 spices above should be added to desired taste 


Cook the Jasmine rice as directed, but substitute the water which the roasted red pepper & tomato soup plus some water (the amount of water you add will depend on how much rice you decide to cook) & the tabasco sauce. Add salt & pepper to taste once it has finished cooking. 

saute minced garlic in oil of choice 
chop the onions, potatoes, portobello mushrooms, pear & peppers into bite sized pieces
once garlic is golden brown add in onions & the splash of white wine 

once onions are browned & the wine has reduced add in potatoes 
once the potatoes have began to soften add in peppers & portobello mushrooms 
add the pear last 
finally add the maple syrup & remaining spices to taste 

Scoop the rice on to a dish or into a bowl & top with the hash. I ate my just like this & it was delicious. Jon decided to add an egg & some fresh tomatoes to the top of his as well, which he really enjoyed.

You can get creative with this dish too, that's one of the things I love about hash. Depending on what you have on hand or what you are craving you can make your own creation. Enjoy!

*    *   *

Hope everyone is having a lovely week <3


attire - a new outfit

The white sweater is really the only new item, but without it this new outfit would not have been possible so here is the story of the sweater :)
While up in Vermont one day, while Jon was in class, it was so beautiful outside so I decided to take a walk to  the local thrift store in the town. As I walked the weather & beauty of autumn all around me could not help but put me in a wonderful mood, & without the thought registering in my head until afterwards I had a good feeling all along about what I would find at the store. This thrift store in particular is quite adorable because it is an extension of a senior center whose mission is to give the elderly purpose & keep their minds sharp as they man the register & interact with customers. Also, because this is the purpose of the store & profit is not an objective the prices are the cheapest I've ever encountered. I got three items for a grand total of $6, they were each only $2! The white sweater above, that has become my new favorites, is one of the items. I also got another sweater for myself that is 100% wool made in Ecuador & very warm as well as a beautiful deep aqua sweater for Jon. Over the past couple of years thrift stores have become my favorite places to shop for numerous reasons including the fact that you are repurposing something & the items you get are unique.

My Outfit 
sweater - thrift store 
jeans - true religion 
boots - el naturalista  (I got them a few years ago, so I couldn't find the exact pair, but they have a lot of nice shoes that are super comfy)