a delicious pumpkin

This is a cheese pumpkin. I got it from my favorite organic farmer at the local farmers market. It was highly recommended for baking & cooking with, plus it was quite beautiful. It stayed as a decoration in my room for a little, but when I went up to Vermont I brought it along knowing Jon & I would make things with it. We roasted it in the oven, peeled off all the skin, & then pureed it. This pumpkin is wonderfully sweet & it went a long way. Jon & I made pumpkin pie & pumpkin crumb coffee cake one night. We each focused on one & it was a lot of fun to be in the kitchen baking together. Upon finishing we still had a good amount of pumpkin left so Jon kept some & I filled two mason jars with the puree & brought it home. Since I have also made pumpkin oatmeal cookies & I plan to make a pumpkin pie of my own (because Jon made the one in VT). What a good investment this pumpkin was though & I don't think I'll be able to go back to canned pumpkin again because I could really tell the difference. I can't wait to get another pumpkin at the farmers market this weekend :) 
*Recipe posts to come about what we baked*

Jon's apartment has a porch, which I am in love with. 

In the kitchen

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