attire - a new outfit

The white sweater is really the only new item, but without it this new outfit would not have been possible so here is the story of the sweater :)
While up in Vermont one day, while Jon was in class, it was so beautiful outside so I decided to take a walk to  the local thrift store in the town. As I walked the weather & beauty of autumn all around me could not help but put me in a wonderful mood, & without the thought registering in my head until afterwards I had a good feeling all along about what I would find at the store. This thrift store in particular is quite adorable because it is an extension of a senior center whose mission is to give the elderly purpose & keep their minds sharp as they man the register & interact with customers. Also, because this is the purpose of the store & profit is not an objective the prices are the cheapest I've ever encountered. I got three items for a grand total of $6, they were each only $2! The white sweater above, that has become my new favorites, is one of the items. I also got another sweater for myself that is 100% wool made in Ecuador & very warm as well as a beautiful deep aqua sweater for Jon. Over the past couple of years thrift stores have become my favorite places to shop for numerous reasons including the fact that you are repurposing something & the items you get are unique.

My Outfit 
sweater - thrift store 
jeans - true religion 
boots - el naturalista  (I got them a few years ago, so I couldn't find the exact pair, but they have a lot of nice shoes that are super comfy)

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