meal - red curry

*i used all organic 

Basmati Rice - make how ever much you like, I always make extra because rice is good to have around
Coconut Milk - I used 1 can, but plan on using two next time because I like my curry to be soup like
Red Curry Paste - to taste, I used about 3 tablespoons

*With all the vegetables below you can add to your own liking
Red Pepper
Green Pepper
Yellow Onion


- Cook the rice
- Chop all the vegetables into bite sized pieces
- Spoon some coconut oil into a wok & begin to saute the onions
- Once the onions begin to get golden add the carrots
- Once the carrots begin to soften add the remaining vegetables & cook as long as desired (I like my vegetables to be on the harder side so I don't cook them for too long)
-  Next add the coconut milk, stir, & add the curry paste
- Once everything has blended together the curry is ready to serve, spoon it over rice & enjoy!

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