California - Carmel by the Sea

A day exploring Carmel....

We drove a long this beautiful street that hugged the shoreline that had some of the most beautiful homes.
*We drove along the rode before & after town so you'll see images now & towards the end.

Do you see the tree house!?

Please excuse the the off centered images...I was hanging outside the window of the car as we drove :) 

Exploring town... 

A Turkish shop filled with beautiful lights.

The library, I'm in love with this window.

So many shops in ally ways.

This was my favorite shop we stopped in during our time exploring town, I wanted everything inside. Below are some images from inside...

Zodiac Bracelets - This one is mine, Taurus 

A very cool swing.

Rug envy.

I'm a fan of looking up at trees, as I'm sure you can see from many of my other posts...especially the hiking ones, so I loved how the trees here are so different from back on the east coast; equally as beautiful, but new & exciting.

So charming everywhere you turn.

There were succulents everywhere it was so beautiful, they really thrive here.

These ally ways <3

A beautiful blue door then...
Back to the road along the shore....

My favorite house of the day.

Me, My Sister, & My Mom

Carmel you're one of my favorites.

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