on my mind as 2014 begins

I've been in California for the past week with family. This photo was taken at Point Lobos State Reserve in Carmel California...More posts to follow about my time in California.  

I have been debating how to write this new year post...
& in the processes I have discovered what I am drawn to most with the coming of each new year.
For me it's that feeling of change, having a blank canvas, & creating a new path for yourself.
The new year reminds me of these things, but I also believe that any day can really be your new year.
So here are the thoughts I keep thinking &/or would like to think of more moving forward...in no particular order. 

Breathe, be conscious of ones breath.

Really listen.

Dreaming of land, a tiny home, a homestead
& beginning to plan.

p.s. Jon & I are moving to Boulder within the next month...more to come :)

Stretch, every day
& more yoga.


Taking care of myself.

i.e. Look up at the sky, observe. 

Be aware.

Think positive.



Set Intentions.

Spend as much time outside as possible.

Write in a journal everyday.

Grow, involve, learn...
new skills.

Read more books

Express creativity.

Create a meditation practice.

Live in love, in peace.

*   *   *

That's all for now, but I'm sure more will come.

Wishing everyone wonderful days ahead.

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