the holidays

Jon & I on Christmas Eve.

This is the first day since the holidays began that I have felt a real sense of calm & settling.
It really is such a busy time of year, especially when you add traveling across country & packing to move into the mix. I love the time spent with family & getting to experience & see new things, but at heart what I love most is to be grounded...which is something in sight now.
As I mentioned in an earlier post Jon & I are moving out to Boulder, CO. He is on his way now, driving across country & I am quite envious, but promised work I would stay through the month. He's flying back in early February & we're taking the journey once again in my car. We plan to explore along the way & I plan to document the trip as well; which will make a cool series on the blog. I'm excited to move, but there is a lot I will be leaving behind. It will be a month of raised emotions & I am going to try to soak in as much as I can while I'm still in this place I've called my home for my life thus far (besides 8 months in Hawaii).

Hope everyone one had a wonderful holiday season.

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