recently purchased

Since moving out to Boulder I have been applying to new jobs, so I did some shopping for a few classic/staple "professional pieces" for interviews ect... Most of my shopping so far has been done at Madewell...which is dangerously in walking distance from where I live & quickly becoming my go to place to shop. I love how their pieces are so versatile, simple, & of high quality. I know when I buy a piece from them I will have it & enjoy it for a long time. 

*30% off 

*30% off + my new favorite shoes

I've had a Frye credit for a while now from when I got a pair of boots for Christmas that just didn't work out, so I used it to get two pairs of shoes instead of one :)

Regina Pump - Black

This book was a recommended read from a new blogger I just began following Nutrition Stripped. Living in the now is something I really strive to do, so I'm very excited to begin this read.

Jon & I listened to this book on our road trip out to Colorado from New Jersey, it's super informative plus the knowledge you learn equates to simple & profound changes you can make to your diet.


meal - rainbow salad with blue cheese dressing

*all organic 


Superfood Salad Mix - Arugula, Spinach, Tat Soi , Red & Green Swiss Chard
Raw Pecans
Raw Pumpkin Seeds
Red Onion
Shredded Beets
Shredded Purple Cabbage
Chickpeas (can)
Edamame (frozen bag)
Bruschetta - Tomatoes, basil, olive oil, salt
Salt to Taste
Raw pressed Garlic (3+ cloves depending on your desire for garlic, I used about 7...I love garlic)
Cold Pressed Unfiltered Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Dressing - serving size 2
3 parts Creamy Blue Cheese
1 part Hemp Milk
Salt & Pepper to Taste


* I made this salad for dinner on a day when Jon & I both worked all day, so I took a few short cuts by getting the shredded beets, shredded purple cabbage, & bruschetta from the Whole Foods salad bar. If time had not been a factor I would have baked & shredded the beets my self, bought a whole head of purple cabbage, & made the bruschetta, but sometimes the added time you get from not having to do all that extra work can be very helpful & you get a healthy well balanced meal.

Combine blue cheese, hemp milk, salt, & pepper. Mix together with a fork, blender, or food processor. Serve over salad.

1. Chop radishes, cucumbers, red onion & carrots.
2. Combine with shredded beets, shredded purple cabbage, chickpeas, edamame, & bruschetta.
3. Press in raw garlic.
4. Drizzle a spoonful of honey over the mixture.
5. Drizzle olive oil over the mixture.
6. Add salt & pepper to taste.
7. Stir to combine all ingredients. (This mixture absorbs more flavor the longer in marinates together.)
8. Fill a bowl with the superfood salad mix, spoon desired amount of above mixture on top, sprinkle on raw pecans & pumpkin seeds, drizzle with dressing. I then like to to take a fork & knife & chop everything up together so all the ingredients & flavors are evenly incorporated.



meal - a breakfast or lunch sandwich

*all organic 
Bread of Choice...
     we've used- Sourdough (seen above) & Food for Life Genesis 1:29 Sprouted Whole Grain & Seed Bread
Hummus of Choice...
     we've just used roasted garlic so far, but would like to make our own in the future
Sliced Cucumber
Heirloom Tomato
Sprouts of Choice
Salt & Pepper to Taste

Toast bread, if desired
Coat one side of each bread slice with hummus
Layer remaining ingredients on to one slice of bread & then top with the other slice of bread


a new place to call home

This is my fourth day in Boulder, Co & the first day I have been able to really relax a bit. It has been a whirlwind full of both exhaustion & excitement.since we arrived. Having never moved before I had no idea the extent of work it takes to really move all of your belongings...to pack up a room, then a car, then unload the car, & organize all your things into a new (tiny) dwelling, plus all the shopping & then assembling to be done to make the new place a home. I'm grateful for Jon & I's knowledge about tiny home living because it has really come in handy & where I once had apprehension about our new home I now have excitement & that "home" feeling grows each day. We're not quite finished yet, but almost & I'm excited to take pictures once we are & share them here. In addition, I must say this place, Boulder, is incredible. There is so much to explore & so much beauty surrounding the area...I mean look at these mountains I get to see everyday, I feel so lucky :) 


a snow day & packing up

Our road trip out to Boulder has been delayed due to all the winter storms sweeping the country. First Jon's flight was relayed out of Denver, he just made it home last night, & now the storms in New Jersey & Chicago today are preventing us from heading out again. Hopefully, all will go smoothly & we'll be able to leave early tomorrow morning. Despite all of the delays I really am a strong believer in the fact that everything happens for a reason & I have been savoring the extra time I have been give here. Plus, I am very happy about getting to have enjoyed one more beautiful north east snow storm. Monday was just perfect from the fluffy snow, to the peaceful majestic walks I took with the dog, & relaxing at home all cozy around a fire with my family enjoying good food. I also got to work on fine tuning packing a little more which was nice. It's hard to draw the line of what to bring now & what to come back for another time, but it has also been nice to get rid of things & refine my wardrobe by deicing what pieces are really me. The clothes were definitely a process, the system that I found that worked best for me was creating three piles: to keep, to debate, to leave...then I would sift through them again & again until the to keep pile was finally realistic & manageable. Here are some picture from Monday...


She loves watching outside & loves the snow even more. It's very adorable to see her play & prance through the snow :) 
I'm going to miss her soooo much...

There are piles all around my house waiting to be loaded into my car, Jon is going to help me with that step.

My little sister made this for me as a going away present to hang in our new apartment. She is the sweetest & the gesture made me so incredibly happy...I'm going to miss her a lot too, I'm going to miss my whole family.

My room.

I'm still leaving a lot of stuff in my childhood home until my parents move & until Jon & I have a more permanent residence with more space. Right now me have a studio which is plenty for now, it just can't fit all our stuff. I'll be sure to take pictures of our new place once we settle in.

Another pile...despite all the stuff I'm very optimistic about fitting it all in my car.


i'll miss you east coast

I love the lines in the sky created from the planes passing by.

Bundled up :)

I have grown very fond of Vermont during the time Jon went to school there & I would visit. Now he has graduated & we are beginning a new adventure together by moving to Boulder, CO. I am very excited to begin this new stage, but definitely leaving part of my heart back east. I've lived in New Jersey my whole life (besides Hawaii for 8 months during college) & although the area I live is not where I would like to settle the landscapes & seasons of the New England area have stolen my heart, plus the majority of my family is here. We'll see what happens, the future is unpredictable, & I am curious to see how the west will win my heart over...which I know it will, but deep down I believe this isn't goodbye forever.