a new place to call home

This is my fourth day in Boulder, Co & the first day I have been able to really relax a bit. It has been a whirlwind full of both exhaustion & excitement.since we arrived. Having never moved before I had no idea the extent of work it takes to really move all of your belongings...to pack up a room, then a car, then unload the car, & organize all your things into a new (tiny) dwelling, plus all the shopping & then assembling to be done to make the new place a home. I'm grateful for Jon & I's knowledge about tiny home living because it has really come in handy & where I once had apprehension about our new home I now have excitement & that "home" feeling grows each day. We're not quite finished yet, but almost & I'm excited to take pictures once we are & share them here. In addition, I must say this place, Boulder, is incredible. There is so much to explore & so much beauty surrounding the area...I mean look at these mountains I get to see everyday, I feel so lucky :) 

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