a snow day & packing up

Our road trip out to Boulder has been delayed due to all the winter storms sweeping the country. First Jon's flight was relayed out of Denver, he just made it home last night, & now the storms in New Jersey & Chicago today are preventing us from heading out again. Hopefully, all will go smoothly & we'll be able to leave early tomorrow morning. Despite all of the delays I really am a strong believer in the fact that everything happens for a reason & I have been savoring the extra time I have been give here. Plus, I am very happy about getting to have enjoyed one more beautiful north east snow storm. Monday was just perfect from the fluffy snow, to the peaceful majestic walks I took with the dog, & relaxing at home all cozy around a fire with my family enjoying good food. I also got to work on fine tuning packing a little more which was nice. It's hard to draw the line of what to bring now & what to come back for another time, but it has also been nice to get rid of things & refine my wardrobe by deicing what pieces are really me. The clothes were definitely a process, the system that I found that worked best for me was creating three piles: to keep, to debate, to leave...then I would sift through them again & again until the to keep pile was finally realistic & manageable. Here are some picture from Monday...


She loves watching outside & loves the snow even more. It's very adorable to see her play & prance through the snow :) 
I'm going to miss her soooo much...

There are piles all around my house waiting to be loaded into my car, Jon is going to help me with that step.

My little sister made this for me as a going away present to hang in our new apartment. She is the sweetest & the gesture made me so incredibly happy...I'm going to miss her a lot too, I'm going to miss my whole family.

My room.

I'm still leaving a lot of stuff in my childhood home until my parents move & until Jon & I have a more permanent residence with more space. Right now me have a studio which is plenty for now, it just can't fit all our stuff. I'll be sure to take pictures of our new place once we settle in.

Another pile...despite all the stuff I'm very optimistic about fitting it all in my car.

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