meal - rainbow salad with blue cheese dressing

*all organic 


Superfood Salad Mix - Arugula, Spinach, Tat Soi , Red & Green Swiss Chard
Raw Pecans
Raw Pumpkin Seeds
Red Onion
Shredded Beets
Shredded Purple Cabbage
Chickpeas (can)
Edamame (frozen bag)
Bruschetta - Tomatoes, basil, olive oil, salt
Salt to Taste
Raw pressed Garlic (3+ cloves depending on your desire for garlic, I used about 7...I love garlic)
Cold Pressed Unfiltered Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Dressing - serving size 2
3 parts Creamy Blue Cheese
1 part Hemp Milk
Salt & Pepper to Taste


* I made this salad for dinner on a day when Jon & I both worked all day, so I took a few short cuts by getting the shredded beets, shredded purple cabbage, & bruschetta from the Whole Foods salad bar. If time had not been a factor I would have baked & shredded the beets my self, bought a whole head of purple cabbage, & made the bruschetta, but sometimes the added time you get from not having to do all that extra work can be very helpful & you get a healthy well balanced meal.

Combine blue cheese, hemp milk, salt, & pepper. Mix together with a fork, blender, or food processor. Serve over salad.

1. Chop radishes, cucumbers, red onion & carrots.
2. Combine with shredded beets, shredded purple cabbage, chickpeas, edamame, & bruschetta.
3. Press in raw garlic.
4. Drizzle a spoonful of honey over the mixture.
5. Drizzle olive oil over the mixture.
6. Add salt & pepper to taste.
7. Stir to combine all ingredients. (This mixture absorbs more flavor the longer in marinates together.)
8. Fill a bowl with the superfood salad mix, spoon desired amount of above mixture on top, sprinkle on raw pecans & pumpkin seeds, drizzle with dressing. I then like to to take a fork & knife & chop everything up together so all the ingredients & flavors are evenly incorporated.


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