future home dreaming

I love this homes wall of windows, the porch, & how it's right on a water source.

Open floor plan out on to a beautiful deck...bringing the outside in as much as possible.

Chair swing from exposed beams.

I would love to cook in a kitchen that had views like this.

I love to swim for fun as well as a for exercise, so I really want some version of a lap pool that can be used for both. Isn't this one beautiful & the view is just so incredible.

*The next three images are elements I want to include in the kitchen.

Everything bulk, stored in glass, labeled, & easy to access.

*The next three images are from a 450 sq ft home I really love & his is the approximate size we wan our stater home to be.

Rain shower head + sunken stone tub + natural light...beautiful use of attic space.

Bedroom with a view.

Open floor plan + a lot of windows.

Classic Swing 

Outdoor shower, connected to an indoor one.

Moving Sauna 

Open Floor Plan

I like the idea of this open fireplace concept, but I also like the classic ones as well...may we'll just have to have two :)

Beautiful colors.

*   *   *

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