meal - rainbow steak burritos

*all organic 

Flour Tortillas
Grass Fed Strip Steak
1 Yellow Pepper
1 Green Pepper
2+ Red Onions
Red, Yellow, & Orange Cherry Tomatoes + Mole Spices + Ghost Pepper + Red Onion
Black Beans
Basmati Rice + Cilantro + Lime + Salt
Cheddar Cheese
Sour Cream
Red Leaf Lettuce


Rice- begin cooking the rice first, follow the given instructions. Once it is done add cilantro & lime to your liking.
Steak- sear in a hot cast iron pan with olive oil, use a meat thermometer & serve rare to medium rare
Salsa- dice up cherry tomatoes, add some raw red onion, mole spices, & a ghost pepper to your liking *we got the mole spice mix & ghost pepper from a local spice shop in Boulder called Savory Spice Shop
Peppers- dice into cubes, toss in olive oil, salt & pepper & throw into a hot cast iron pan just long enough to brown them
Onion- dice up & caramelize in olive oil in a cast iron pan + leave some diced & raw
Cheese- shred
Serve remaining ingredients as is in various bowls or original containers. Then build your burritos to your liking & enjoy!

We have some form of burritos at least once a week, we're big fans :) Plus their quite easy to make & you can get a full spectrum of nutrients if you have the right ingredients...think color.

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