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I've had online training for my new job for a good part of the day yesterday & today, & I can't help multitasking in between breaks & as I listened. Since I can't go far because I have to still be able to hear it is very beneficial that the apartment is so tiny, I have no limits :). So the past two days I have done a lot of cooking, cleaning, & yoga. Below are snippets of my past two days.

Fresh cold pressed kale, rainbow chard, pear, & apple juice.

Woke up & realized we had three over ripe bananas, so I decided to make banana bread for breakfast. The recipe was a maple variation, & I really loved the combo. Recipe to follow.

I'm really loving making kale & quinoa salads lately because they are quite easy to put together & result in a healthy go to meal in your fridge for the week.  Besides those two ingredients I switch up what else I add in each time to try new combos , plus I'm discovering my favorites. Recipe to follow.

I also always make this Thai Peanut Dressing, seen below, to have with the salad. Recipe to follow.

Pasta with a lot of vegetables. I always try to include as much of the color spectrum as possible into each meal. *p.s. this Le Creuset is new, it's our first one, we definitely splurged, but it was so worth it. I'm in love, you can use it for everything.

Jon surprised me by coming home from work with this plant one day, it makes me happy :) Plus it brings spring inside.

I've been craving Irish Soda Bread, I really love the stuff, since St. Patrick's Day...I finally got around to making it. Recipe to follow. 


I didn't have a pan large enough to fit all the Irish Soda Bread dough so I split it into two, one with raisins & one without (I prefer without, but they do add moisture). You can see all my baking below as well, good thing we love to eat.

Coffee Time.
I'm liking this brew method, plus the simplicity is a nice benefit.

Received a care package/early Easter basket from home to day, so thoughtful, it made my day...forever a kid :)

Coffee + Walden Break
This is my first time reading this book, a friend gave it to me as a gift when I moved out to Colorado. So far it is blowing my mind, in a positive way. The perspective Thoreau shares is deep; it really makes you think. For example, one day when I was reading the words he said led me to have the following though...To what extent can we truly enjoy or benefit from luxuries that support travesties? From my perspective, I'm not sure we can. I believe asking yourself deep questions, like this, is part of what forms & defines your reality

*   *   *

Hope everyone is having a nice week.

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