Colroado - An adventure along the Colorado River - Part 1: Rafting

Section Rafted 
Pump House ---> Rancho Del Rio

Miles  -  Hours
9            5

Rapids Crossed
Needle Eye - class 3
Yarmony - class 3

Stops Made
An old abandoned cabin 
An island, for lunch
"Dinosaur Footprints"

Wildlife Spotted
2 Bald Eagles
1 Elk 
1 Otter 
1 Red-winged Black Bird 
3 Red Tailed Hawks
1 snake 

Where we put into the River - Pump House

Stop 1 - An old Cabin along the river.

Tail end of one of the rapids we went through. I didn't take my camera out of it's water proof bag on the rapids.

There is a natural hot spring trickling out of the bottom of the rock on the left, you can see the lime build up on the bottom left of the rock as well...you can usually see a more defined circle of a pool, but the water was high enough to cover it.

Stop 2 - Island, for lunch.

Can you spot the bald eagle?

Stop 3 - Dinosaur Footprints, you can see Jon observing them.

The snake! The largest one I've see in the wild.

This day on the Colorado River is one I will never forget. The beauty of the whole journey from the landscapes & wildlife we got to see to the peacefulness of it all was truly magical. The river leaves you in awe as you float along it, its mere power is something I had not fully comprehended until this journey.

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