simplification & balance

Jon & I usually watch a movie or episode of a series every night in bed before we fall asleep, but lately it hasn't been feeling right. Our evenings, the only real free time we have in our days that are free from work, seem to be lacking in substance. Yes, we are usually drained from our days at work, but I have been having this growing feeling that by watching something media related & essentially shutting down that I am missing out, that I am not using my time in a fulfilling way. So, last night I suggested that we minimize our media watching & spend more of our evenings unplugged. After only one night I can feel the change, the benefit. I was able to do so many other things - I brewed lose leaf tea & we sat together talking as we drank, we listed to music, we sang, we dreamed & brainstormed about the home we wish to have in the future, I began reading a new book Wild: From Lost to Found on the Pacific Crest Trail - it was all wonderful & much more fulfilling - our brains were engaged, but at the same time we felt relaxed. By questioning our actions, by analyzing how we feel, & making a simple change we can create a new path for ourselves. In the future, I plan on being more mindful of my feelings & I will analyze how certain actions or habits really make me feel...who know what other changes will result, but I'm looking forward to this new frame of mind. 

*The photo above is from at afternoon we spent in the park across from where we live. What I am walking across is a Slackline. I've had it for some time now & it's a really fun activity that gives you a workout as well. If you decide to get one don't be discouraged it's quite hard at first because you are using muscles you don't usually use, but with practice you learn quickly & it's a blast!

Have a wonderful weekend <3

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