the sea

sister love <3

I'm back home, on the east coast, for the week to visit, & yesterday my sister, cousin, & I spent the day at the beach...I did not realize how much I missed the sea, & how fortunate I was to be only a short distance away form such a beautiful natural wonder for the majority of my life. I am loving the time I'm getting to spend in Colorado, & the opportunity of getting to experience & explore a new place, but one of the most valuable things I believe I am gaining is a vision of what I wish my more permanent home location to be in the future - which will most definitely include a coast under three hours away. Jon & I are using this time in our lives to explore & move around - to experience as much as we can, & in the process we are creating a wishlist for the future :)  



Colorado, your wildflowers have stolen my heart...they may be my favorite thing about you yet :)