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What I crave in the morning to eat when I wake up is something fresh & energizing. I have struggled to find a breakfast meal that I can have consistently day after day that I don't grow sick of & also makes me feel ready to take on the day. Recently, I was inspired by an Instagram post on my feed that can be seen here. It looked perfect & I wanted to eat the food I saw in the image immediately. So, when it was time to go grocery shopping again I gathered ingredients to make something similar & since the first morning I had it for breakfast I have been smitten.

*All organic 

Switch it up! That's one of the things I love about this breakfast, there are so many possible ingredients & combination options to experiment with. Below are some of the ingredients I've used so far.

Sourdough Bread
Hummus *Varieties I've used so far- Coconut Curry, Roasted Read Pepper, & a bulk powder mix that allows you to mix up your own
Cucumber - Purchased from the farmers market each week 
Sprouts *Varieties I've used so far - Pea & Radish - Purchased from the farmers market each week 
Heirloom Tomatoes - Purchased from the farmers market each week 
Red Onion 


Toast Bread - this is a personal preference, you can leave it as is if you prefer 
Spread on Hummus 
Layer on cucumber slices & sprouts 
Dice the tomato & onion in a separate bowl add garlic, salt, & pepper to taste then stir so everything in incorporated evenly *You can make a lot of this at once so you have for the whole week - plus by doing it this way the flavors marinate & intensify each day. 
Place tomato & onion mixture on bread.

p.s. another staple of mine each morning is a mug of jasmine green tea with local honey 

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