colorado - zapata falls & campground

We were originally going to backpack in to a campsite at the park, but after talking things over with a very helpful volunteer at the visitors center of Great Sand Dunes National Park we decided to head to the Zapata Falls Campground instead. We planned on going to the falls anyway while we were in the area, so this ended up working out nicely. Plus, we were a bit more drained than expected after hiking the dunes, so not to have to hike anymore was a nice. If we had gone for a longer duration of time we would have hiked the 7+ miles in to one of the remote campsites next to a glacier lake. The Zapata Falls Campground was very well maintained, they had bathrooms, but no running water & the views were phenomenal. We set up camp, cooked dinner, Jon built a fire, we watched the sunset, & went to bed early. In the morning we woke up & hiked the short distance to Zapata Falls. My camera died before we reached the falls, so those pictures are from my phone. The falls were beautiful, & it's amazing to me to see the power of water over something as strong as rock over time  I'm already itching to go on another adventure, hopefully I won't have to wait too long.

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