I have been dreaming of getting a dog for sometime now, but Jon & I both felt that we weren't yet able to provide for one the way it deserved. However, our circumstances recently changed when Jon was promoted because he now works from home :) Before this change we just wouldn't have been able to give a dog, especially a puppy, the time it needed. So, as a result I began to do more serious puppy research & probing. We heard about Colorado Puppy Rescue through a friend, who had recently adopted a puppy from this location, so we went on the website & I discovered that there was an adoption day that very weekend. Although, I was working I suggested that Jon go to just check out the organization & see what it was all about in more detail first hand. I didn't have high expectations, but knowing Jon I knew that if the right puppy presented itself it would be hard for him to walk away. Jon was drawn to Milo right away & after stepping away to call me (of course my response was yes!) he scooped him up, filled out the paperwork, & brought him home. Being a rescue puppy the information we received was limited & really just their best guess, which concluded Australian Shepard & Catahoula Leopard Mix. He has really cool stripes & reminds us of a tiger. We think he may have some other breeds mixed in as well & once he gets older we're curious to have have the DNA test done to know for sure. Either way we couldn't be happier, he is such a wonderful addition to our lives :) We love him so much already <3


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