home for the holidays

Jon & I flew home on the 22nd & arrived after midnight. We flew with Milo in the cabin with us & he just made the weight requirements to be under our seats in a carrier. He will be too big in the future to do this again, but we want to be able to bring him with us everywhere, so we plan to make him a service dog. This should be a breeze because he has the sweetest-mellow temperament & was so easy to travel with...I love him so much! We spent our time back home between our two families, going back & forth the whole week spending as much time with everyone as we could. It was so nice to be back with them & I know I definitively want to settle somewhere within a reasonable driving distance...Vermont still tops my list. Below our some pictures from Christmas celebrations.

* Christmas Eve *

Siblings <3

One of the two dinner tables for Christmas Eve, which is celebrated with my Mom's side of the family. We are Italian, so we do the whole fish thing along with a wide variety of different homemade calzones. They are awesome & within the past couple years I have become a part of the calzone making process, which is something I have watched my Grandma & Mom do since I was little.

* Christmas Morning * 

I open presents with my immediate family Christmas morning & we enjoy breakfast together. 

A beautiful Christmas morning, but I still would have preferred snow.

Meka :) 
It was so nice that her & Milo got to meet - picture to follow with them together.

* Christmas Day * 

After breakfast I head over to Jon's Mom's house to celebrate with his side of the family. These faces he makes are priceless :) 
Oh, & I love our little family <3

* Christmas Dinner *
Which is spent with my immediate family & my Mom's parents, with whom I can be seen with below.

* Christmas with my Dad's side of the family *
We celebrate the holidays with this side of my family a couple days after the actual day. 

Family <3

Siblings + A Cousin


*   *   *

Part of me wishes that I took more pictures, but another part of me is grateful that I lived in the moment & simply enjoyed the time I was lucky to be spending with loved ones.

More posts to follow about hiking adventures while we were home & a New Year's holiday spent at a cabin in Breckenridge with friends.

I hope everyone had a wonderful holidays.

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