colorado - denver - snow day

We woke up this Sunday to a beautiful blanket of snow coating everything outside our window. It was something we weren't expecting, but delighted by. I have officially decided that I don't mind winter & the snow - I actually love it. There is such a peacefulness & beauty to the winter season. So, Jon, Milo, & I headed outside shortly after waking up. It was quite early, especially for a Sunday, so the snow remained untouched pretty much everywhere we went & it was wonderful. Plus, we didn't see anyone in the park we went to, so despite being in a city it was quite & we felt alone which is nice sometimes - I'm a country girl at heart & can't wait to settle on land & create a homestead in the future. Milo had a blast running around & playing in the snow too as I'm sure you can gather from the images above :) Hope everyone enjoyed their weekend as well <3

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