spicy buffalo chicken dip

Milo guarding the food :) 

This is my favorite dish at my families Superbowl parties, & despite watching on our own this year the event for me is really about the food :) so we undertook making the dip ourselves for the first time. It was delicious as always & we plan to make it more regularly in the future. Enjoy!

*all organic 

3-6 chicken breasts - the recipe originally called for 6, but I got an organic pack of three that were quite large & organic chicken is quite expensive, so I decided to see how I fared with the 3 - it ended up working out perfectly with the ratios of the other ingredients
1/2 a bottle of blue cheese dressing - this was surprisingly hard to find in an organic version, so I ended up getting a nice blue cheese from Europe + a bottle of asiago dressing
6 oz of monterey jack
1 bottle of hot wing/buffalo sauce
Serve on the side 
Tortilla Chips
Chopped veggies i.e. carrots + celery


Preheat the oven to 350 degrees
Grill the chicken, then set it aside to cool a bit
In the meantime combine the remaining ingredients in your baking medium
Chop the grilled chicken into tiny pieces or shreds
Add the chicken to the backing medium with the other ingredients & stir until incorporated
Place in the oven & bake until the dish begins to bubble, the cheese is melted, & everything is warm
Serve hot with tortilla chips & veggies

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